About The Chindit Society

The Chindit Society was established in 2015 to carry forward the proud name of the Chindits – the jungle fighters, led by Major-General Orde Wingate, who fought two of the toughest campaigns of World War II in Northern Burma.

The Chindit Society’s membership includes the families of Chindits, together with those who have an interest in the Far East theatre of war, the campaigns in Burma and the remarkable contribution made by the Chindit Long Range Penetration Groups. We are proud to count among our members a number of Chindit veterans.

The Chindit Society was established following the decision of The Chindits Old Comrades’ Association to close at the end of 2015. The Chindit Society succeeds the Association and its associate support group, The Friends of the Chindits.

Our new society is honoured to have Holly Wingate (Orde Wingate’s daughter-in-law) as President and Alice Wingate (Wingate’s grand-daughter) as Vice-President.

The Chindit Society has a number of clear objectives:

  • To champion the example of the Chindits and their remarkable achievements during the Burma campaign.
  • To project the Chindit name in the public domain, through presentations and educational initiatives.
  • To assist families and other interested parties in seeking out the history of their Chindit relative or loved one.
  • To gather together and keep safe Chindit writings, memoirs and other material, for the benefit of future generations and historians. It is our aim to develop this website as the main source of Chindit-related information and historical material.
  • To do our best to ensure the continued well-being of all our Chindit veterans and promote fellowship between our members.

The Chindit Society’s activities include two reunions during the year, in June (Walsall) and October (Exeter). We publish two newsletters annually and we welcome and encourage contributions from readers. We also assist members and others by providing information on the Chindit campaigns and advice on visiting Burma. Our activities also include participation in acts of remembrance – VJ Day and the Festival of Remembrance in London during November. There are also gatherings at the Chindit memorials – including the memorial in London and another at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas.

In addition, our members participate in various social events. In recent times, Chindit veterans attended Clarence House at the invitation of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. The Chindits and guests also enjoyed a visit to the British Army’s new 77 Brigade (named after a famous Chindit formation) and visited an exhibition of photographs of Chindits and other Far East veterans at the Army & Navy Club, London.

For more information about joining the Society, please visit our membership page, or contact the Chairman, Paul Shenton JP, on info@thechinditsociety.org.uk.